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Here at Rvnue we are experts in several areas within the online marketing sphere.

We are one of the largest permission marketers in Scandinavia, we are a B2B deal broker for large Scandinavian publishers and we operate a variety of quality content portals.

Our core focus lies within the iGaming and Financial verticals but we regularly create quality leads for advertisers within the Dating, Magazine/Newspaper, Retail and Health/Beauty.

Rvnue are experts in Permission Marketing with over a decade of experience within the field. We combine quality permission data with great campaigns in our quest to maximize the advertiser ROI.

We are also a close confidant of several large volume publishers within the industry. Our declared goal is to ensure a tight knit relationship between the larger publishers and the best advertisers. We are not an affiliate network – we are a simple and direct tie between the advertisers of great campaigns and the publishers with great communication to the actual consumers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are an advertiser looking for quality traffic or a large volume publisher looking for those quality campaigns that you won’t find in your normal affiliate network.

If you have a great product – we have the leads.

Get in touch and let’s bring in some Rvnue!

Permission Marketing

Permission marketing is a form of marketing where the advertiser gains a permission to market own and/or third party products to the subscriber. Most often, these permissions are given on the email and SMS platforms. By utilizing a very direct 1-to-1 communication platform you create a very effective medium that can lead to heavy direct sales and branding benefits.

We have over a decade of experience within the field of Permission Marketing. We know our subscribers, their interests, their gender, age and geographical location. Combined with our experience in creating engaging content, we have enjoyed great success in creating leads for a very wide range of primarily Scandinavian advertisers.

Our campaign broking platform ties some of the best and most reputable Permission Marketers in Scandinavia together into one very powerfull tour de force of lead generation. Don’t hesitate to contact us and boost your lead generation within this lucrative field of online marketing.

Affiliate marketing/SEO

Affiliate marketing through SEO is one of the most valuable forms of lead generation. When a person is actively utilizing search engines to guide them towards the product or service they desire, they are often deep within the buying process. They want to find your product and if you present it in the right way, they are ready to pull the trigger and sign up / apply / purchase your product or service.

Rvnue is strongly positioned in the SEO market within the iGaming and Financial verticals and provide a very high number of customers to a wide range of operators within these fields on a monthly basis.

We work on CPA, CPI, CPL, CPC and CPM based campaign models. We have developed a platform that can easily be adapted to go hand in hand with your preferred lead generation strategy.

Lead generation

Lead Generation is what Rvnue is all about. Our dedicated goal is to bring customers to your front door. We don’t interfere with your conversion strategy or CRM – we simply ensure that you are seen and reviewed by potential customers.

We are often utilized by companies seeking to simply increase sales directly by getting leads to dedicated sales-focused landing pages from our Permission Marketing or SEO activities. However, companies also find success by utilizing us to generate large amount of interested customers for a database that the company themselves try to capitalize on afterwards. A typical approach could be to gather participants for a competition or survey.

This model typically results in a much higher volume of leads but does require the company to apply a well thought out conversion strategy to capitalize on these leads when the campaign ends.